Bird Bear Hare Fish

Pencil & Digital | An illustration inspired by Wizard and Glass; the 4th book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. | It’s a wonderful tale about long-ago love and an epic adventure filled with mystery, magic and supreme menace. I’m not finished reading the entire series yet, but I can already recommend these books to you with great confidence. Even though it may seem like a daunting amount of reading, you won’t be sorry if you start from the very beginning. I felt particularly compelled to create this drawing because of the strong sense of Mono no aware; a Japanese concept of a kind of beauty in impermanence. I think it’s the best way I can describe the feeling I get from the book. It’s a complicated kind of aesthetic, but it seems more potent, poignant, and profound. I hope to capture a bit of this feeling and portray it within my drawing.