So here’s a few shots of my latest piece called “The Transformation.” I made this for the upcoming show “Home is Where the Art Is” at Hellion Gallery San Diego. The show begins tomorrow, July 10th and goes until the 15th. Same dates as Comic Con! Seeing how the gallery is only a block and a half away from the Convention Center, I’m sure they are counting on the increased traffic!

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few progress shots (since I remembered to take some! ;P) and talk about my process for this piece.

The Transformation - Initial Sketch
So this is my initial sketch. Lots of erasing and idea-hashing going on here…

After I’m feeling confident about the sketch, I use this light table to help me trace the image to a new clean piece of paper.

Then, I draw in all the details and shading. I often just stop after this stage with a lot of my pieces, but I planned on adding color to this one from the beginning.

The Transformation - Photoshop Color Studies
I did some color studies in Photoshop before I started coloring with colored pencils. Photoshop is good and bad for me… good because I can test color compositions quickly, but bad because I have to remember that I can’t make RGB colors on paper.

After I find a color palette I want to use, I test out some colored pencils on pieces of tracing paper.

The Transformation - Finished Coloring
When I’m finished coloring, I take a step back and try to increase the contrast (I’ve noticed I tend to make things kind of light). I also go over with a graphite pencil and do touch-ups.

Then, it’s done! Mat and frame it and give it to the gallery! Yay!
Check out the finished piece here »
Also, see more progress shots here in my Facebook photo album »

Home is Where the Art Is” is a show about artists representing galleries in each of the following cities: San Diego, Portland and Tokyo. I am 1 of 5 artists to represent Subtext Gallery here in San Diego. (Double Break gallery is also representing San Diego with it’s own collection of artists) In any case, artists were asked to make a piece that represented their city’s influence on his/her art (very open to interpretation).

Before moving to San Diego, I wasn’t really drawing… I didn’t have a style… I didn’t have high-speed internet! Sheesh! I basically just went to school and lived in a cave πŸ˜› All that has changed since moving here and that transformation/growing/maturing/general-awakening is really the most important way this city has influenced me! πŸ˜€ This is definitely my most personal piece of art yet. Hooray! Let’s celebrate San Diego!