Henry recently got these cool nib pens and I decided to try them out – manga style! Maybe I’ve been watching too much Bakuman, but I’m all inspired to be a mangaka and make an anime! 😛 First step is… getting good at drawing with these pens! I’m definitely not used to them, though. You have to be aware of when you need to reload on ink and how much ink to put on the pen… and you’ve got to always draw in the correct direction or else they get scratchy. But I definitely like the lines and the contrast. Although, I want to get those reeally thin lines…

Anyways, I decided to try and just copy an actual manga drawing as practice. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about subject or composition – I could just focus on practicing with the pen. So I found this ad for a manga called Angel Dust in my Newtype magazine. The end result is not too bad, but I definitely need more practice!