Chartpak Marker Flower

A little sketchbook practice/test using Chartpak Markers and brush pens. I love how bold the colors ended up and they blended together fairly nice. I want to work on getting a good, smooth gradient… maybe next time I’ll try different paper (my sketchbook paper is pretty absorbent :P). Here’s a list of the pens I played with: A black pigment ink brush pen (Pentel Color Brush™), A Marvy LePlumeII watercolor pen in “oyster grey”, A few Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 Duo watercolor brush markers in a range of greys, a white gel pen, and some Chartpak Markers in “Blush” and “Pale Flesh” colors. I really just wanted to try out that Pentel brush pen (which was awesome!). It has a really really fine tip so you can get great thin-to-thick lines. Plus, you don’t have to stop to reload on ink because the entire handle has ink in it. You can keep drawing for-ev-er! 🙂